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A selection of our local sites, all of which feature in our list of things to see and do.


Most of you will prefer to use the SATNAV but it is important to have a good map and we suggest MICHELIN 329 CORREZE, DORDOGNE. This has a comprehensive level of detail desirable to get around.




Motorists tend to see France as a challenge to be wrestled into submission. They arrive at our house wild eyed, on the verge of madness. “Straight from Calais, 8 hours non stop!” they cry in manic triumph, before collapsing for a couple of days.


Their wives (for these fanatics are always men) look ready to slip a stiletto between the husband’s ribs, if only they could summon the energy. The children are in a road-induced catatonic trance. And they call this a holiday!


There is an alternative to such lunacy. It is to consider you are on holiday the moment you land in France. Slow down, stop to eat, sleep and see some of the country on the way. We always choose a different spot about half way, Tours - not only for the excellent zoo and hotels within walking distance to the entrance, but also the town centre for shopping and great restaurants in the old town or Poitiers and Futuroscope theme park, which offers hotel and entrance packages, also within walking distance.


A few points before you set off (forgive me if you have done it all before) but French motorway driving has grown less anarchic in recent times not least because there is a dense sprinkling of radars across the network. So take care if the general speed limit isn’t sufficient for you. Some modern cars will let you know what speed to do on the dashboard.


At toll stations avoid the channels marked with a lower case “t”. They are for season ticket holders only. There's usually a basic loo stop area to the right once through, so if you're desperate keep in the right hand lane, and don’t be too suspicious of French service stations. They are usually big, bright and equipped with clean toilets and rather better restaurants and coffee than you’d expect. Most have picnic areas outside so you can buy a sandwich and relax a while.


Remember the cheapest petrol/diesel however is obtained from pumps attached to supermarkets – just like home.


Please remember to take your driving license and car insurance papers with you, and a green card (available from your car insurance provider) as it is illegal to drive without them. You'll also need the mandatory high-vis jacket, warning triangle, torch and light deflectors package in case you breakdown - available at Halfords and other motor spares outlets.


As well as driving, by way of tunnel or ferry, (the nearest port is Caen) flying and hiring a car is also an option if there are only two of you. Our nearest airport is Bergerac and they have multiple car hire companies on site and you can book through your flight itinerary or independently. Please investigate paying for your car insurance excess before you book as it may be cheaper. Full directions will be sent to you with SATNAV coordinates once we receive your full balance.

Les Fieux -
3 bed villa with private pool, sleeps 5
Available from 11th May from £675 pw
6th July and 31st August £875 pw
High Season July/August £1175pw
from 7th Sept £775 pw
for other dates please ask
Please email for up-to-date availability or request an information pack to plan your holiday
or use the form below


       Here's a sample review from

Trip Advisor - but there are more  available on

where you can book without any extra fees.

10/10 Anjo's Jest - 18 September, 2021


Our booking was for 2 weeks but after a few days we extended it to 23 days! Les Fieux is very peaceful and relaxing yet close enough to visit the local markets and the 2 hypermarkets within a 10 minute drive. 


The garden is very large and private so great for sitting in the sunshine around the pool, plenty of garden furniture. For a long stay the washing machine and tumble drier were very useful, (as was the beer fridge)! The cable/satellite TV were also very useful (mainly for watching the England matches) 


The Perfect villa for a relaxing break.


We book holiday cottages often and no one has ever come close to Paula for being helpful and quick to respond (often immediately). She even gave us information on where to get our Covid tests both in France and the UK. 


Thanks Paula!!!

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